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We are here to help and guide you through not only your first, but also successive property developments.  Almost all the material on the site is free and we very much hope you find it of value.  If there is a particular subject you would like covered, please get in touch at mail@thepropertyspeculator.co.uk.

Site Resources:

Getting started in Property Development and Investment

What makes property such a good investment?

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Securing development finance

Establishing build/renovation costs

Property valuation using Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)

Placing a value on a property

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10 Common Planning Permission Pitfalls and how to avoid them

A quick guide to planning conditions

Podcast with Ryan Fuller of The Fuller-Long Partnership

Property Use classes



Creating a contract with your builder

Calculating build costs

Understanding Building Regulations

Contaminated land

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Developing a Mixed-use property

Purchasing a property-based business

The investment method of property valuation

3 principles to guard against property investment scams

Taxation Rolls


Property and VAT

5 Taxes on property you can’t avoid

Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT)

Property tax


Generous Praise for The Property Speculator

‘Might I start by saying how useful I am finding your site, being a person new to this field’ – Imran, London

‘Just a quick thanks for taking the time to do your website. It is very interesting and packed with useful content for the novice and seasoned developer alike.’ – S.T, Central London

‘Congratulations on such an insightful website and successful career to date’ - I.C., Ireland

‘…I have been devouring the (website) information so thank you very much for putting that out there for free’ – BH, Maidenhead

“…I have visited your site and ranked it the best.  As the laws of my country originated from British law and your view on property fits well with what I am anticipating as an aspiring property developer.  Plus - 

“Your website has been the core of our planning and a window to property development in Papua New Guinea from a whole new perspective but maintaining the industry tradition”  -  Joseph Aporo (Director and Managing Partner), Vailala Surveyors, Papua New Guinea

 Note – Verifiable endorsements available on request

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